No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Note: this drabble was inspired by a list discussion started by one member's comments about a spam
titled "Compare Top Schools". Another member conjectured what classes might be offered at a "Top School," eg,
"Classes to include Eye Brow Raising, Lie Detection, LOOKING, Taping the handle of a paddle, Bed time setting, Your home is safer without doors that lock, Tantrum meltdown correction,  part one and the advance course. The proper way to bare a bum, Instruments to avoid, instruments to have.. Where to hide Christmas presents from brats, Computer time outs,  WL time outs, Guest Top lectures. Guest brat lectures, the advanced course, Switches: the truth and the hype, Lexan, the practical demonstration, How to make a paddle,  How to make your brat make a paddle  (wood working fees are extra),  Proper school paddling forms, To bare or not to bare, Guest lecture, How to hold a well spanked brat. or, the wiggling chick gets the worm or the cuddle. The uses of corner time: fact and fiction."
This became "just the advert Thomas described".

Ethan decided to surprise Akiva by spending his day off giving the apartment
they shared a thorough cleaning. He was dusting Akiva's study when he found just
the advert Thomas described on his partner's desk.

*Funny, Ki usually trashes junk mail right away,* Ethan thought to himself. He
took it upon himself to correct this oversight, by dropping it in the bin.

Then he remembered how Akiva got on him about security, particularly not letting
people who had no business knowing about the discipline aspect of their
relationship. He'd seen a guy digging in their dumpster for salable scrap.
Better safe than sorry. He ran it through the shredder.

That evening, he greeted Akiva home with a big hug. But his good cheer was
challenged as he waited for Akiva to say something about the hard work he'd put
in. He was wondering how much longer he ought to wait before he started dropping
helpful hints about how nice and clean the apartment was, when his partner
called from the study,

"E, have you seen a brochure...course list from a college...I could swear I left
it right here on my desk this morning..."

Ethan sighed. He could see another discussion about his behavior looming on the
horizon. The kind of discussion where the hairbrush did most of the talking.


Pool Party Pazazta

This was written for Tara's July Challenge, "Pool Party."
Pazazta: Hebrew acronym of the words “Fall, Crawl, Look, Aim & Fire”, actions
a soldier must take during battle – refers to the swift motion of going from standing
to lying face down on the ground.

It can also refer to a confrontation. I just like how the title sounds.


Ethan shielded his eyes from the late afternoon sun as he scanned the crowd
of men around the pool until he spied his partner. It wasn't difficult.
Akiva was the only one who was still fully dressed, in a tan
short-sleeved button-down shirt and khaki cargo shorts, hands on the patio
rail as he watched guys lounging and cavorting in their trunks.

"You'd make one sexy camp counselor," Ethan said as he came up behind him.
"You can spank me for talking after lights-out any time you want." He slid
his right arm around Akiva's waist and kissed his wavy black hair.

Akiva grinned, looking up over the top of his sunglasses as he
faced Ethan. "I'll remember that. Right now, you can drop and give me twenty."

"WHA..!" Ethan's mouth and eyes opened wide. "Ki, you can't just bust on
me like that. I didn't DO anything!"

"Ah, but I can, my friend. In fact, you insisted. Just last week, when you
told me that you wanted me to take over the wheel, so to speak, with regard
to your time-management problem. You told me you'd be here half an hour
ago. And now it's half an hour later." Akiva pointed to his own wristwatch.
"So I have every right to 'bust on you like that.' And when you're done
with your push-ups, you can run three laps around the pool, for arguing."

Ethan snorted. "I don't think so, Mr. Safety First. Everybody knows you're
not supposed to run around a swimming pool."

Akiva brought his hand down in a very firm pat on the seat of Ethan's baggy
red board shorts. "I'm wise to your game. You're trying to provoke me
into taking you over my knee and spanking you out here in front of
everyone." He chuckled. "Not gonna happen, E. You'd enjoy it too much. Tits
on the tarmac already."

"Or what?" Ethan demanded.

"Or you'll never get to find out what I do with campers who won't shut up
after I turn off the lights in the cabin at night."

Ethan smiled as he lowered himself to the ground. He knew when to surrender.